If this problem is cultivated in planting or gardening, surely most people already understand abgaimana sowing laws that harvest. An example is, if we sow the clear corn in the field then obviously that will grow in your fields are corn stalks and will produce a healthy corn if it is treated properly. If sowing well and carefully cared for it will produce the desired harvest according to how we treat it. Even if we sow one seed, it is possible for us to get many fruits. In the history of Christianity the most important thing is to get closer to God and to fulfill his mandate in accordance with the law of love in the Bible.

Sow Tuai

Perhaps the above explanation is not that easy, and maybe explanations like that many of you who understand and do not need to be explained again. But what you know does not cover the whole meaning of sowing reap. The essential meaning of a sowing reap can be widely interpreted. The concept of how the land can give life to the seeds. For if the seed we have to give stones and can give life to each seed. Need care and thoroughness in caring for the seed we planted is a reflection of the harvest that will be obtained.

When placed on water the seeds can decompose, if given to the stone then the seed is unlikely to grow. But if we take care and sow in the fertile soil, it will be harvested then there will be life that will grow. With this then the principle of cash sowing that will be related to the concept of life that we do everyday. By implementing the principle of sowing reap there are principles that must be applied. Here are some of the principles of sowing reap laws in question.

  1. The existence of sacrifice

The moment before the seed will grow, it must die first, then with the process like this is the meaning of a sacrifice. The Lord Jesus Christ must be willing to die first on the cross to atone for the sins of mankind. When sowing is not a happy moment, because at the time of sowing we must strive with sweats and tears to do good, be a blessing for the needs of others and must obey God’s command to reflect true Christian character.

  1. Time factor

The process of sowing seeds and growing into adulthood is a process that will produce fruit and it will take time to take care of it. The yield of the seeds sown depends also on the quality of the seed produced, the quality of the soil, and how its maintenance is cultivated and how it is treated. This is what teaches us that nothing is instant and it must take time. Therefore it requires patience and persistence. It teaches about the benefits of praying for Christians to make the Christian life goal.

  1. Double

From one seed sown it will grow a tree that will produce many fruits. Therefore from all good deeds that have been done and with obedient worship to God that is always maintained and will get a reply from God with something extraordinary dahsyatnya.

Thus the explanation of the principle of sowing reap in Christianity. With the above explanation it gives us learning to give and sow all the good that is already taught the Lord Jesus through the Word of God or indeed there is daily life, do not use and do something to sow the words of dirty hatred because this will sow that is evil. We must sow in accordance with the Lord has placed us to reap the results that are expected of God. Hopefully helpful, and thank you.